Services & Amenities



  • Library
  • Beauty salon
  • Activity room
  • “Winner’s table” game room
  • Pool and piazza outdoor patio
  • Fitness center
  • Resident gardens & walking paths
  • Private balconies
  • Grand courtyard featuring a waterfall, pool & Jacuzzi
  • Individual heating & air conditioning
  • Utilities, excluding phone and cable
UndefinedInterior Garden


  • Restaurant style dining
  • Housekeeping
  • Personal laundry
  • Chauffeured transportation
  • Maintenance
  • Guest meals
  • Room service delivery
Workout Room

Assisted Living Features

  • Licensed nursing
  • Medication management
  • Emergency call system
  • 24 hour staffing assistance
  • Reserved parking
  • Daily activities

Dining Experience

Sharing a meal with those around you is just as important as the meal itself! Arcadia Gardens Retirement Hotel’s Executive Chef plans and prepares traditional favorites, as well as many exquisite new dishes. Our residents will tell you, our dining room experience and sumptuous cuisine definitely makes the difference.

Dinning 1
Dinning 2
Dinner Plate


We believe that everyday can be a celebration of life! That’s why we’re deeply dedicated to keeping residents socially engaged through an extensive array of enjoyable programs. Whether pursuing life-long hobbies with friends or joining fellow residents in a wide variety of scheduled daily offerings. At Arcadia Gardens Retirement Hotel, everyone is encouraged to follow their bliss.

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