Memory Care Highlights

This program is specifically for residents with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. Residents with Memory impairment live in “Memory Lane,” a separate, secured area within our community. Memory Lane is staffed with personnel specifically trained to support residents requiring more assistance. Our Memory Lane residents also have access to a dedicated, secure garden, allowing them access to plenty of sunshine and fresh air within a beautiful, outdoor setting.


Memory Stations are reminders of the past, helping residents rediscover moments, emotions and connections forgotten along the way. These self-directed activity areas allow residents to interact with cheerful, themed “stations” on Memory Lane. Residents who worked in offices find comfort in sitting at an office desk with a typewriter and other tools of their trade. For women who were housewives and mothers, stations with a vanity and make-up, or dolls and familiar photos create a cozy retreat within the community. Each space is designed with care and attention to detail to provide residents with a stimulating and rewarding environment.