Memory Care Highlights

“In Memory Lane, love and laughter are never ending. This Christmas celebration was one in which we all came together to enjoy one another. Residents celebrated with hot chocolate, pastries, and gifts. Our wonderful staff picked and wrapped gifts for our Residents as a token of their love. To end the day our staff participated in their Secret Santa exchange and oh what fun it was. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Memory Lane.”
Maria Warren
Activity Director

Enjoying a variety of daily activities including Mystery Tours
As well as arts and crafts.

Here we celebrated Mother’s Day with our wonderful Residents and their Families. Our Beautiful Polynesian Dancers entertained us with their Magnificent movement and songs. So many memories were made, from laughs, tears, interactive games and even a special tribute to our fellow Veterans. A day filled with much love made for an incredibly touching Day. Happy Mother’s Day from Memory Lane.”


Maria Warren
Memory Lane,
Activities Director

Memory Care Highlights

This program is specifically for residents with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. Residents with Memory impairment live in “Memory Lane,” a separate, secured area within our community. Memory Lane is staffed with personnel specifically trained to support residents requiring more assistance. Our Memory Lane residents also have access to a dedicated, secure garden, allowing them access to plenty of sunshine and fresh air within a beautiful, outdoor setting.


Memory Stations are reminders of the past, helping residents rediscover moments, emotions and connections forgotten along the way. These self-directed activity areas allow residents to interact with cheerful, themed “stations” on Memory Lane. Residents who worked in offices find comfort in sitting at an office desk with a typewriter and other tools of their trade. For women who were housewives and mothers, stations with a vanity and make-up, or dolls and familiar photos create a cozy retreat within the community. Each space is designed with care and attention to detail to provide residents with a stimulating and rewarding environment.

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