See what our clients and their families have to say about us

A grateful son’s testimonial about his experience with Arcadia Gardens…
“Walking through the front doors, I always feel good. The lighting is warm, and the residents are happy. The staff is friendly and helpful, and they all know who my mom and dad are.
My mom and dad have been living at Arcadia Gardens since my mom fell and broke her hip in late July. Even though my mom talks about going home on just about a daily basis, both of them agree that they’re treated very well and the food is good.
My stress level has gone from up to my eyeballs to pretty much not worrying much at all anymore. I don’t expect they’ll ever stop asking about going home or my dad getting his car back, but at least they’re not pushing too hard. Everyone seems to adore them here, and they are now only ten minutes from my house. ”

– Louis

“I first moved my aunt to Arcadia Gardens over 10 years ago. She arrived with some serious health problems that kept her from getting proper nutrition and medication in her home where she lived alone. Her health actually improved once I moved her to Arcadia Gardens as she was getting 3 nutritionally balanced meals a day and she had nurses supervising and administering her medications and scheduling regular doctors’ appointments. Without this move I know she would not have lived as long as she did and more importantly would not have had such an enriched life in her final years. I was so pleased with what I saw her doing here, that I moved my mother in a few years later. My sisters and I joke that Mom acts as if she is in camp at Arcadia Gardens. Her schedule is so full with weekly activities she looks forward to like art classes, movie night, sing-a-longs and Sunday chapel that it is sometimes difficult for her to squeeze in time for us to visit. We of course love seeing her enjoying her Arcadia Garden community so. They keep a very upbeat environment and the staff has been wonderful. I can tell you that Arcadia Gardens has provided our family with peace of mind knowing that our mother is safe, happy and well looked after. I know several friends who have moved their loved ones into much fancier more expensive facilities in the area. But in the end, from what I hear, they feel like they are much less personal. I think that the fact that Arcadia Gardens is family owned and run makes a huge difference in how the residents are cared for. They are treated more like family than clients. I cannot recommend Arcadia Gardens more highly.”

— Tina Nieves, Daughter of Marvelyne Bailer and niece of June Matthews.

““I couldn’t be happier with Arcadia Gardens. My 96-year-old Mother, Pauline, is in Memory Lane. I visit her every day. The staff is so kind and gentle with her. She loves participating in the music program and enjoys the hand massages! They really understand my mother; they give her coloring pages that she spends hours on. She’s a former pre-school teacher and arts and crafts counselor. Before we moved her here, we visited several other facilities. I’m so glad we chose Arcadia Gardens. It’s the people who work here that make all the difference.”

— E.F.

“I’ve been at Arcadia Gardens about 4 years. Many years ago, I had a friend who wanted to sell her condo. I drove her from Temple City to Santa Barbara to Riverside. We looked at all of the senior living places. Out of all the places we looked, we liked Arcadia Gardens the best.

A few years later I had a seizure and was hospitalized. I told my daughter, ‘Why don’t we look at Arcadia Gardens?’ You have all your meals, all your housekeeping. Everything has gone beautifully. I would recommend it highly.”

— Darlene McCormick

“There is so much to do at Arcadia Gardens!”

Alfredo and Betty Sipert have always been active. “I was so worried when we moved into Arcadia Gardens that I wouldn’t have much to do,” Betty says, “but, after living here for a year, we find that there are so many activities to choose from we can’t take them all in! Rick’s art classes are my favorite; I love to paint.”

Alfredo chose their room because it has a fireplace. Betty liked the kitchen. Although she doesn’t cook her German dishes anymore, she says chef Nathan makes a good baked chicken and accommodates special requests. “We also appreciate the live music that is part of the evening meal. The holidays are special here. They do an amazing job decorating and celebrating every holiday; they pay attention to detail.”

— Alfredo and Betty Sipert

“I came to live at Arcadia Gardens 14½ years ago because I didn’t like living alone; I was lonely. I did the exercise for 8 years. I play bingo every day and I attend most of the social activities. I eat 3 meals a day, I’m happy and I’m healthy!”

— Alta Ann Dumas

“I was born in 1920 in Shanghai, China, and speak several different dialects. I’ve lived at Arcadia Gardens for 10½ years. I like it very much. I used to be quite active and play bingo and participate in the music. Now, I like to work on my iPad; I play games and communicate with my children and friends. They take very good care of us at Arcadia Gardens.”

— Carolyn Feng

“There are so many things I like about Arcadia Gardens. They have a lot of activities to choose from. I like the music. Rick plays a very good guitar! We have sing-alongs. The songs bring back a lot of memories. My favorite song is “Yesterday” and there are so many songs that remind me of my husband, like “Begin the Beguine.”

They have a variety of very good food. I like the taquitos, and I really like the pork because they slice it really thin.”

— Connie Pineira

“I’ve lived at Arcadia Gardens for the last 9 years. What I like about the Gardens is they have something for everyone. They do a great job in our dining room; they have a wonderful chef. Arcadia Gardens gives me a ride every Wednesday to my bowling activity, which is my main hobby. I like the bingo and the bunco, and volunteer to help out during the games. I like to be helpful. Before I came here, I was always a volunteer. I volunteered for the City of Hope for 25 years!”

— Clara Colasuonno

“I was born in L.A. and I will be 100 in June! I love California. I have 6 children, 14 grandchildren, and 19 great-grandchildren. I was a stenographer for the Los Angeles Police Department. I’ve had an interesting life. One of the nicest parts of my life is being here in Arcadia. The people are lovely. I play bingo and bunco, and I love the concerts they have at Arcadia Gardens with Rick. I try to participate in most of the activities. Everyone is so nice here, and I love David and Julie. All the people they have working for them are really nice. I really like it here.”

— Marvelyn Bailer