Our Team

Rick Stubbs
Activity Director

Rick has 10 years of experience as an Activity Director and has been with Arcadia Gardens for eight years. He is an accomplished entertainer, musician, composer, visual artist and teacher and enthusiastically shares these skills with our residents. He performs regularly at AG on voice, guitar and piano, leads a sing-along on Saturday mornings and directs our very own resident orchestra called, “What Was – Still Is!” that has open rehearsals every Saturday and gives concerts monthly. He has been doing visual arts all his life and teaches a painting class on Tuesday afternoons and an Arts and Crafts class every other Thursday evening. He brings his over 30 years of teaching experience (K through 8 in Gen. Ed, Special Ed and Music) to AG in his classes: Science News, Internet Surfari, Wordplay, Music Appreciation and “We Remember When” Theater.

Background: He graduated magna cum laude in music from SIU (Illinois), performed music with Disney both at home and abroad (in Singapore and Jakarta) and also performed on the Commodore and Paquet cruise ship lines in Nassau and the Caribbean. He put together and directed over 25 concerts at three different Catholic schools over the eight years he taught music for them and composed and performed over 50 songs and underscoring music for the children’s theater group Discovery On Stage during his five year engagement with them. He has a platinum record on his wall for singing background vocals on the album “Fallen” by the rock band “Evanescence,” had a song he co-wrote signed with Quest Productions (Quincy Jones) and has composed over 350 pieces of music.