There is so much to do at Arcadia Gardens!


Alfredo and Betty Sipert have always been active. “I was so worried when we moved into Arcadia Gardens that I wouldn’t have much to do,” Betty says, “but, after living here for a year we find that there are so many activities to choose from we can’t take them all in! Rick’s art classes are my favorite; I love to paint.”

In addition to the art program, the Sipert’s enjoy the Thai Chi and day trips. “We’ve been to concerts, different restaurants. They even take us to the mall, Target, and Walmart,” says Betty, “and, if you want to try a new restaurant, they accommodate.”

Betty says that Arcadia Gardens is blessed to have two amazing drivers. “They are really special. They drive safe, give personal care to everyone getting in and out of the car and are so helpful with wheelchairs and walkers. They take us to our doctor, dentist, and other appointments,” says Betty.

Alfredo chose their room because it has a fireplace. Betty liked the kitchen. Although she doesn’t cook her German dishes anymore, she says chef Nathan makes a good baked chicken and accommodates special requests. “We also appreciate the live music that is part of the evening meal. The holidays are special here. They do an amazing job decorating and celebrating every holiday; they pay attention to detail.”

Perhaps Betty’s favorite activity is the summer concerts by the pool. “I love the concerts by the pool in the summer time; it feels like you are at a big outdoor park. They serve you drinks, popcorn, doughnuts and ice cream,” she says. When asked what she likes most about Arcadia Gardens, Betty says, “The staff is so friendly and helpful.”